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About Us


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We are Gav and Vic and we believe in a world where runners can choose colourful vibrant designs and running related slogans, on running or casual gear, no matter who you are.

We all have our reasons to run, whether it be to eat more pizza on a Friday night or to run for mind clarity and help our mental health. 
We aim to appeal to everyone and offer something a little different.

We all know it isn't quite enough to just have a bright colourful top though, so we've created our Wrist Wrags to match, just to make sure your running outfit beats the socks off everyone else at your local parkrun or a 100 mile race. We've got you covered!

Here at WE RUN BRIGHT we know that as runners our second favourite hobby is telling everyone we're runners. Which is why we've created a casual running range alongside our running tops to tell the world we're runners, even when we aren't running.

It's a bright and colourful life, lets show the world who we are and what we can do.
Gav & Vic x
#werunbright #runbright


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